Item collection 64680f9f 3e88 4e15 80b9 df60f8d37082

Vintage top grain - Baronet brown leather wallet- Never used- Still has original tags


Item collection 4f0b6655 4800 48fb 949d 4b322ba45307

Vintage Lady Buxton Blue Leather Wallet - New In Original Box - Rare Color- BLUE- has original BUXTON papers- Never used-


Item collection df54ea97 5419 472e 85d8 6b6ed6a46c18

Vintage Ladies Craftsman Citation Wallet - New In Box - Rare Color- BLUE- Beautiful gold and white flowers- Great Christmas Gift!


Item collection 3b6e3b57 1db4 4b00 ac9e dbb10716ff07

Vintage Lady Buxton Beige Leather Wallet, Ladies Wallet, Kiss Clasp - NEVER USED! Great Christmas Gift!


Item collection 19cbd6e3 fa9f 4b86 98e8 73f51dd9f1eb

Vintage Bosca Clutch - Ballerina- Rendevous Frame Clutch Blue Mello Touch Cowhide Bow Design- has original tags - NEVER USED!


Item collection 4abb5189 639f 434e 97c8 6a846fea6671

Owls Owls- A handmade Owl picture to hang on a wall or put on a table- frame included!


Item collection b80f9100 fe49 47e3 81ec faef5ea8f2e0

Owls Owls Owls- A handmade Owl picture to hang on a wall or put on a table- frame included!


Item collection 49d6a0f0 5661 4e88 852c 7505e54b22a8

Vintage McCall's pattern 8830- A Vintage Misses Blouse


Item collection 69fee09b 9e39 4666 86f0 f8aaa4b58a48

Vintage McCall's pattern 3795 from 1973- A Career Pattern- half size wardrobe


Item collection 82ebbab8 439e 496d 98c6 263579a14050

Vintage McCall's pattern 8846- misses one piece dress


Item collection 0b497018 3ff0 4e50 980c 4941682c42b7

Vintage McCall's pattern 3792 from 1973- A Career Pattern- misses blazer, skirt and pants


Item collection ff378a50 3bd5 4927 905f 5dee17ed2895

Vintage McCall's pattern 3814 from 1973- misses coat or jacket


Item collection 0c17bd39 96ed 44cb 9004 02cd7ffe6e6f

Vintage sewing pattern- Very Easy Vogue Pattern - # 8679


Item collection c79285e5 3078 488f 8650 f8ced62c7e19

1950s Simplicity Pattern 8392 Evening Dress Fitted Bodice, Full Skirt, Striking Wing Collar Short Jacket


Item collection 072f03a6 9a5c 43ce a162 0dbe055bc6eb

RARE- Vintage McCall's pattern 8795 from 1951 - junior two-piece dress


Item collection a6051177 c2e8 4804 80e1 06ed2a50e0d6

Vinatge 1974 Simplicity Sewing Pattern 6286 Womens Western Style Shirt, Short Jeans Skirt & Pants


Item collection 0ed0ad2d 4ce4 4f8f a92b 63004ed4afa3

Vintage Tin with a picture of a man and lady dressed from the Victorian period


Item collection 57880f7d 6d87 4658 9e12 bbf9f5faee85

Vintage Sewing items- Gripper Fasteners, Hooks, Eyes and Loops, Delong brass silk pins, snap fasteners and singer machine needles size 11


Item collection f6274891 b249 4768 ba36 fbd65405271d

Vintage Sewing items- New York World's Fair Needle Book, Bull Dog Tidy Pins, Elastic Braid bra back repair, slim buckle, and more


Item collection 53bdeda7 9549 4dc4 ae8d 079ba0a680a7

An Assortment of Vintage Buttons


Item collection 481d1982 1490 48a9 83d4 d1c1a11c4207

An Assortment of Vintage Buttons- Girl Scout and Boy Scout Buttons, Leather button, Monogrammed..the uses are endless for these relics


Item collection e5f071e6 aeb7 40d7 89c5 93f44225ddb7

An Assortment of Vintage Buttons- Oscar de la renta- Prims- Blue and Yellow crystals ..the uses are endless for these relics


Item collection 3db8370e 842e 4430 88ff 0c22bfe27a7f

A Set of Goldtone Swirled Vintage Buttons


Item collection 0b873a6d af6c 4d19 a907 a5040fdf38d2

A Lot of Assorted Vintage Buttons


Item collection 83583ce2 fcab 4be3 8e32 b644614c4095

Vintage Fairchild "The Shape" Jigsaw Puzzle - Puzzle of a Life Size Baby


Item collection ee0fe924 91e9 4d87 ac04 4d8aa426fcaf

Vintage RETIRED LEGO Castle Series Fright Knights Witch's Windship 6037 Dragon- Unopened Box


Item collection 14fdfff1 416b 4679 ac43 bce5c42f23ec

3 Sets of LEGOS- Life On Mars - Rover 7301 - Double Hover 7300 and Worker Robot 7302 - ALL FACTORY SEALED - Brand NEW


Item collection 1d138a3d cc69 4f81 aea5 25c34522f094

LEGO 1464 PIRATES LOOK OUT Classic set from 1992 COMPLETE - unopened in package


Item collection 6e1ae3f5 33af 40ae a416 7369a55344bf

Lego 1462 Galactic Scout Blacktron II Space Craft 1992- unopened in original package


Item collection 3462c4c2 5d41 491e a16a c597f96cdfc0

Alpha Team Mission Deep Sea Lego Set Number 4799- in unopened Box


Item collection ee65b000 96d9 4680 af2b 8b758aeacc15

On Assignment with National Geographic Game


Item collection 861edee6 394e 43e4 8097 474be9ba4bce

Vintage Scrabble Game 1978 Pocket Edition


Item collection 4d980d80 45a7 4776 8a26 b86a545b867e

Vintage 4Cyte (Foresight) Board Game 1967 by Milton Bradley Company


Item collection 6c4c105c 4238 4c2f 8289 89be809c5152

Vintage Milton Bradley game- Stickler Puzzle - in a box


Item collection e128ed23 e2d3 4ee1 9c1c 7dc02d61223b

Vintage 1981 Selchow & Righter-Scrabble-Upper Hand-Grand Slam Word Game-the game that combines the fun of Bridge with the challenge of word


Item collection e6c93b05 453a 4285 b3d8 bc878facdb63

Vintage Game of the States Board Game 1987 Milton Bradley trivia -Who Sells the Most from Coast to Coast? Buy & Sell products to Earn Money


Item collection dff013f2 c0b1 4eb2 97b5 61f250041dcd

1965 Vintage Original Wood Booby Trap Parker Brothers Game- Extra Bonus- Made in USA!!!


Item collection 99e0c59d 7612 45b9 88a8 201cdfbed78f

Complete Original Vintage 1960 Mattel Lie Detector Scientific Crime Game


Item collection af8bb4c1 e7ff 40d9 b474 40bb801b706b

Vintage 1958 Parker Brothers Game- The Children's Hour- great vintage graphics in this game


Item collection 1438f790 48df 445e aac6 2a6ce8ee030d

STILL FACTORY SEALED! NEW!- City of Chicago Jigsaw Puzzle 504 Triple-Thick Pieces


Item collection 242be8e3 47be 4025 bd97 9119678930df

Vintage 1950'S Milton Bradley Flash Cards Set Addition Subtraction Math 9372


Item collection 46a2d6a9 35ab 4397 87a7 89dd461e1a72

Vintage Game- Meet the Presidents a Quiz Game for Young Americans Selchow & Righter 1965


Item collection b6269260 3fc0 47d6 ac56 9ae9fec5734f

Iraqi Most Wanted: SADDAM HUSSEIN plus most wanted terrorists pictures - 1 Pack Of Playing Cards


Item collection 1dbfaa7a 8c24 4f59 a46a 6cd0a98fc3e7

Handmade Die Cut Valentine 6 Love Birds with Red wings- Includes Gold and White Heart Doilies- V23


Item collection 8c6eb215 a0ba 4452 bec9 4913ef7f8641

A Vintage Set of 12 Love Birds- B3


Item collection c90423a7 a316 4d77 80fc 5a9ac05e917b

A Vintage Valentine Set of 12 Love Birds- B2


Item collection aaf7ac6f f018 4c6d 96a1 55b6ac1d6849

One of A Kind Set of 12 Vintage Christmas Die Cut Love Birds- C B 7


Item collection 3192148 original

Die cut Love Birds cut from Music Sheets - A Set of 10 Die Cut Music sheets Love Birds- B16


Item collection 269fe57b 548a 4522 b4c3 0233db41f491

One of A Kind Set of 12+ Vintage Christmas Die Cut Love Birds- C B 8


Item collection 9adb050b 22d7 4676 b748 ae5e5aa3750b

REDUCED- One of A Kind Set of 12 Vintage Christmas Love Birds- C B 3


Item collection 7bd0b7a2 7305 4a11 bf5e 180b2e0dd2ae

REDUCED- One of A Kind Set of 12 Vintage Christmas Die Cut Love Birds- C B 6


Item collection 0e2b0796 04e0 4537 ab2a f4cc4a0986d3

A One of A Kind- Vintage Set of 12 Love Birds- B8


Item collection a52a6c46 123b 4cfe 9abc 222010fa647a

REDUCED- One of A Kind Set of 12 Vintage Christmas Love Birds- C B 2


Item collection a1399883 831b 48c9 b48a 34a594fe346a

REDUCED- One of A Kind Set of 12 Vintage Christmas Die Cut Love Birds- C B 5


Item collection d45c0a8f 38a4 475a 968b e7bce624d6fb

REDUCED- One of A Kind Set of 12 Vintage Christmas Die Cut Love Birds- C B 4


Item collection 1170251d df01 4873 8f2a 3ee606e1e4ff

One of A Kind Set of 12 Vintage Christmas Love Birds- C B 1


Item collection f048b74c e6db 4501 ac11 9c058a29ce3e

A One of a Kind- Valentine's Vintage Set of 12 Love Birds- B4


Item collection 73d5a8c1 82d5 4056 af26 170d5942cef3

A One of A Kind Christmas Vintage Set of 12 Christmas Love Birds- B 17


Item collection 821e8833 4d6c 41e1 9922 dbc39cb774a5

A One of A Kind- Vintage Set of 12 Love Birds- B 11


Item collection 98d75be1 3142 4044 afa8 9eca506f739b

A One of A Kind- Vintage Set of 12 Love Birds- B 10


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