Item collection 73d5a8c1 82d5 4056 af26 170d5942cef3

A One of A Kind Christmas Vintage Set of 12 Christmas Love Birds- B 17


Item collection 821e8833 4d6c 41e1 9922 dbc39cb774a5

A One of A Kind- Vintage Set of 12 Love Birds- B 11


Item collection 841fd0da 21df 4480 8fd9 2fbc5fcfdfc2

A One of A Kind Christmas Vintage Set of 12 Christmas Love Birds- B 15


Item collection 14f8ba6d 79a6 4077 9cc3 712cdfffc1d9

A One of A Kind Christmas Vintage Set of 12 Christmas Love Birds- B 14


Item collection c71c78e5 9fa2 4a4d 9bb9 3f16d08f1881

A One of A Kind- Vintage Set of 12 Love Birds- B 12


Item collection 06bea0b8 1b78 4047 9911 8ecaee750d38

A One of A Kind- Vintage Set of 12 Love Birds- B7


Item collection 44f4638b 7d11 4163 89a5 4de9b19bd240

A One of A Kind Christmas Vintage Set of Love Birds- B 13


Item collection 1b1c5777 4da4 40d3 9de0 9a3db537e95a

Vintage Sheet Music- A Walk in the Black Forest 1965 Sheet Music


Item collection 53ca0fe9 010f 46cb ba41 32ece4c422cd

Vintage Sheet Music- April in Paris - by E. Y. Harburg (Author), Vernon Duke (Author)


Item collection 441d5de2 ea83 44a4 bae2 539524bbc07f

Vintage Sheet Music-1959 The Sound OF MUSIC- RODGERS HAMMERSTEIN - Lonely Goatherd


Item collection 3208d4aa d829 40dd acea a25d29d36ccc

Vintage Sheet Music- STEVE ALAIMO Sheet Music - CAST YOUR FATE TO THE WIND - Keys Publishing - 60's POP


Item collection cfc5271f 8af1 48f9 a05e 38920378ac6f

Vintage Sheet Music- Jean - from The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie Sheet music –1969- words and music by Rod McKuen


Item collection 288d262d 0dd8 4b8b 8e12 9ee00517065e

Vintage Sheet Music- Carousel Musical -You'll Never Walk Alone -music by Richard Rodgers lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein 2nd


Item collection a4cb4c6c 5844 4c92 9f0d e9b30e2f24a1



Item collection d236f4d8 75f9 4c32 aa9d 3a70fb53bc9d

Vintage Sheet Music- FLY ME TO THE MOON Written by BART HOWARD 1954 Piano Vocal Ukulele


Item collection 9b7621a0 9f29 403b b40a 13c82fb73c21

Vintage Sheet Music- Hawaiian Wedding Song Sheet Music Piano Guitar Voice Ukulele 1958 Ke Kali Nei Au


Item collection 047f492c f9b7 488d b3c6 f2d5a865a62e

Vintage Sheet Music- Ragging the Scale - piano solo sheet music by Edward B Claypoole - 1942


Item collection 4f392dec 0074 4244 b9d3 e6cb4fe9b9b2

Vintage Sheet Music- Cy Walter Piano Solo Arrangements - Heat and Soul


Item collection c6a38d3a 780a 489b be1e 6748c0815870

Vintage Sheet Music- Donkey Serenade, Rudolf Friml & Herbert Stothart, arranged by Ann White- an easy piano solo


Item collection 5e361492 4299 45bd a44f ccb5a37cbaaf

The Fletcher Theory Papers for Piano Class or Individual Instruction By Leila Fletcher- book 1


Item collection 99b86e9d 9d60 406a 9c4e 9f1d7a3cfa8d

Vintage Music Book- Pre-Reading Duets for the Very Young Pianist, Book 1- 1977


Item collection 5dc1181b cf12 4e16 a769 86b89423b6fe

Technic Is Fun Preparatory Book 1943 - Compiled Edited and Arranged by David Hirschberg


Item collection 3387eae7 9438 430d 8e85 cc629cd77ddb

Vintage Music Book- 1979- More Pre- Reading Solos by Jane Smisor Bastien


Item collection dd2a0693 52a4 4ccf 8e0f 926e5d87a228

Vintage Hard- covered Music Book- Cole's Library of Familiar Music- Opera Selections


Item collection 6ee4d17d f3cb 4812 82ac 0edaf32dc5e8

Vintage 1973 Music Book- NOSTALGIA No. 2


Item collection a3098e61 8f1a 4655 899b 6c52da7a764d



Item collection 18ca2e57 d015 4e5e a314 7ca2086ad010

Vintage 1949 Music Book- NOAH AND THE ARK- A Story with Music for Piano by Ada Richter


Item collection ccc229d3 d65f 4f5c a5f2 22982d37a0b8

RARE- Vintage 1893 -March and Dance Album- Pianoforte Solo- Boston, The B.F. Wood Music Co


Item collection c0f92863 cb84 4536 8f25 007c5c14c757

RARE- Vintage 1895 Schirmer's Library Vol. 309 GURLITT- Album leaves for the young- Twenty Little Pieces for the Pianoforte


Item collection 40958e04 c656 4947 a0a2 bbe06146805f

Schirmer's Library of Musical Classics- CLEMENTI- Six Sonatinas for the Piano


Item collection 69b0d84a 1c50 47ee a2d6 7f01635224fc

Vintage Music Book- 1981 Alfred's Basic Piano Library - Piano Lesson Book - Level 1B


Item collection 130e09e2 f645 4480 a9f4 d737a5d1fd47

Vintage Music Book- 1981 Alfred's Basic Piano Library - Piano Lesson Book - Level 1A


Item collection 678a5c09 8b80 4988 8c1f d64bcc0f5b9f

Sheet music – 1964 - A Wonderful Day Like Today, - From the Musical "The Roar of the Greasepaint, the Smell of the Crowd"


Item collection 01e17094 d072 4b69 aa36 cb26ba2136fa

Vintage Sheet Music- "Happiness" from the musical production Your a Good Man Charlie Brown


Item collection 707fc1c0 2371 4491 ad7c 80dfe81037da

Vintage 1928 Sheet Music - RAG DOLL Nacio Herb Brown DOLL DANCE


Item collection 32312a22 b3fb 4b16 8845 c18e8fe99c91

1956 Vintage Sheet Music- ELVIS PRESLEY "DON'T BE CRUEL"


Item collection d9ee68c5 dbde 448d 91f4 a4ae1b0bbcb3

Vintage Sheet Music from 1893- Franz Schubert compositions for the piano- Scherzo- Piano Sheet Music G. Schirmer 1897


Item collection 9d8de04b 8fed 4a57 ae22 71974318e702

Vintage Sheet Music - Vintage 1930 Sheet music- Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone by BEE PALMER, Sam H Stept and Sidney Clare


Item collection dc309f26 6f69 476f 9bfb af8f024bc97f

A Vintage Sheet Music - A Unique Novelty Song - When Erastus Plays His Old Kazoo


Item collection d1e3b9b2 0b42 4c7e a34c ed6a8dde5125

The Beatles Vintage 1963 Sheet Music- She Loves You - Words and Music by John Lennon and Paul Mc Carthy


Item collection 49aaa3e0 0c2e 4eee 830d ac5455d2d0a4



Item collection 074d7fb2 52ab 4229 962e 3ffe5f8631bc

Vintage Sheet Music- I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus- words by Tommie Connor


Item collection 7fcb8e19 9a85 4827 9fa0 56efd462e33e

Vintage Sheet Music- 1950 FROSTY THE SNOW MAN - words and music by Steve Nelson & Jack Rollins


Item collection efac6de7 fa8e 4dfa 9f10 584a6ac79dbe

White Christmas 1942 Sheet Music by Irving Berlin


Item collection 25fdb83d 0f17 4594 ab1b 6b784ebe0bd0

Volfgangs Darzins 20 Latviesu Tautas Dziesmas Book


Item collection a5af2943 1702 40e4 8eed be86a8a93aee

Bye Bye Birdie Lyrics by Lee Adams Music by Charles Strouse Copyright 1963


Item collection 30624f4a 7219 425c 9706 87d148b007ae

The Sweetest Story Ever Told, (tell me, do you love me) - written and composed by R.M. Stults copyright 1892


Item collection 1c4ce707 e031 4093 aa9c 054fbcc143f4

A Vintage 1956 Solo Piano Album for the Young Students- John W Schaum - The Ballet Book


Item collection 688a30b9 57c5 43a0 9b76 1d5f9ffd4ec0

Album Wesolych Tancow Polskich Na Orkiestre No 2


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