Item collection c2593f0d 0cff 4e8e 8094 8aee3cf83b44

Vintage Advertising Trade Picture- A Young Boy and Girl drawing a man with chalk


Item collection 550f20d8 5304 4255 aadc d716408c3f3d

Vintage Advertising Trade Picture- Sweet Home Soap- Picture of a Old Fashioned Man


Item collection 33e7b387 710e 4220 ae4b 9b3fbc462ed2

Vintage Christmas Card - Christmas Greetings - Antique Christmas Ephemera- Embossed Card


Item collection 8b0103bc 98eb 4f46 8748 b67cae5a52e6

Vintage Christmas Card - Wishing You A Merry Christmas - Antique Christmas Ephemera


Item collection 482e3e08 f0f4 4b76 bcf2 2f920e09d764

Vintage Christmas Advertising Card - May the New Year bring you happiness! Hildeshiver & Faulknre- At Epping Essex


Item collection 84a27356 31e1 4531 bea3 1d8e8e5109f7

Vintage Christmas Card - A Merry Christmas to You- Beautiful bouquet of Flowers


Item collection 19803392 2387 4aba 9698 8bab732ec43e

Vintage Christmas Advertising Trade Card - No 1175 Copyright 1885 -Bright Morning Open Wide Thy Golden Gates, And Usher in This Happy


Item collection 30026952 2af4 49c1 85b4 ed7df1e03bae

Vintage Christmas Advertising Trade Card - Wishing you A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year- Frederick Stearns & Co Detroit Michigan


Item collection 7d77f376 90d1 46dc af0b 15b84313d9d7

Vintage Advertising Trade Card -Boots and Shoe- Vintage Child in an egg with a horn and a doll


Item collection d88312ce 1903 45c1 9928 898d0532f158

Vintage Advertising Trade Card -The Great American Tea Company-Ephemera Card- Picture of an angel overlooking a baby- Breath-taking!


Item collection fbddc189 4676 4b57 bf5c 3297ac43099c

RARE-Vintage Advertising Trade Card -Andes Stoves- Stove Advertisement card- Picture of a vintage women- Blue tone


Item collection 0dc837b5 39b7 41aa 8152 9b0667d4895a

RARE-Vintage Advertising Trade Card -Andes Stoves- Wood burning stove Advertisement card-


Item collection 4eb4d190 0324 4485 bd01 4ccbc6adb90c

RARE-Vintage Advertising Trade Card - Die Cut- VINTAGE 1886 Acorn Stove Range- Picture of a Pug with a young girl


Item collection 72174138 fef4 41af b96f 8a554cc3f6a9

RARE-Vintage Advertising Trade Card -Vintage Advertising Trade Card- United States Mutual Accident Association no 59


Item collection d1a49dcf e85f 407f 97e6 55d0e0e07bdb

Vintage Advertising Trade Card - Fairchild & Shelton- Washing made easy by using OZONE SOAP- EMBOSSED Ephemera Card


Item collection 55d10dac baf6 499c aaa7 ad0662a48459

REDUCED- Vintage Advertising Trade Card - Collins & Daehler- The Spot Cash One Price Clothiers- Cortland New York- Ephemera Card


Item collection 840897c9 b4d5 4e8e 8400 d0fdf86ccef6

Vintage Advertising Trade Card - Union Tea Company -New Britain Connecticut- Embossed


Item collection 0a003709 82e8 4a73 8791 489685795ce3

Vintage Advertising Trade Card -Royal Empire- Fire Place Open Grates - Brooklyn New York- Ephemera Card


Item collection 23f6baed 8d02 4ac4 a4df 98d1199e5982

Vintage Advertising Trade Card -J W Meacham- Dealer in Diamonds, Watches, Clocks and Jewelry- Holyoke, Massachusetts


Item collection 15248656 5e85 489e a183 073f0d7c4210

REDUCED- Vintage Advertising Trade Card - Acme, Master and Marseilles White Soap Card- Ephemera Card


Item collection a81534fa cbe7 4a04 9045 af7f221b9f8b

Vintage Advertising Trade Card -Compliments of Geo H Couch- Fine Shoes-Antique Ephemera- Bridgeport Connecticut


Item collection add1e3f1 beb8 4484 8c55 0d8a541a099b

Vintage Advertising Trade Card -Ivory Polish for the Teeth- Ephemera card-picture of an angelic young girl


Item collection 8dd640a9 9ba7 4696 a92c 2f8ed444b9a9

REDUCED- Vintage Advertising Trade Card - Vintage Advertising Trade Card - J H Bufford's Sons Lithographic Publisher # 554 - Ephemera card


Item collection ef08545b 2ea6 4643 8b8f 9809be6f7d25

REDUCED- Vintage Advertising Trade Card -H J Nagle Ornamental Confectioner and General Caterer Chicago Illinois- Ephemera card


Item collection 22630e2e 1a30 49f1 b791 37a2aaf4dc57

Vintage Advertising Trade Card -Kenton Baking Powder Cincinnati Ohio- Ephemera card


Item collection 3b970cfc 2b54 4e9f bccf 08fc56052346

Vintage Advertising Trade Card - Chicago IL - E W Gillett Magic Yeast - Roses in an umbrella- Embossed


Item collection 46bfd9d3 4bbe 435a 8d1f 1131a986bb0c

Vintage Trade Advertising Card- Magic Yeast- E W Gillett Manufacturer Chicago Illinois


Item collection c7f0dd5c 01a2 470a 97c2 d7521e327ede

Vintage Trade Advertising Card- Constant Companions- Ephemera Trade Card Boy with a Large Dog Cutout


Item collection a1381b12 0b6e 4c79 ac7b 193b29cd7804

Vintage Trade Advertising Card- The Peacemaker- Antique Card with Fantastic Vintage Graphics!


Item collection b375b96e 034b 49f9 af68 8cdfe1763bb9

Vintage Trade Advertising Card- Fleischmann & Co -Compressed Yeast-Picture Of Owl's Head- Rockland Maine- Copyright 1892 S.E. Cassino


Item collection 364b0ff3 8da4 4774 81ef b34fc743584d

Vintage Trade/Advertising Card- Metropolitan Life insurance Company of New York- Victorian Lady


Item collection 9df2c0de b14c 4785 82ec 0bae016e3b66

Foster & Streeter Advertising/Trade Card - Clothiers, Hatters and Furnishers Advertising card


Item collection 2e827011 7b9b 4b0e a580 1f15a8c6a9a2

Vintage J. L. Larkin & Co Sweet Home - Soap Advertising Card- Niagara Falls-Prospect


Item collection 6dedd535 ac62 4481 9216 d76dc9dba1ec

Moulton & Bradley clothing Advertising Card Boston MA


Item collection d7a6bf6b 51f9 4c4d 965f 60f4d388e7e6

Victorian B. T. Babbitt's Victorian Trade Cards Antique Advertising- Beautiful Tribute to Women Copyright 1887


Item collection 813c4979 f3c0 48a6 b561 a22f7a35c57d

The Robin or Redbreasted Bird Card- vintage trade card from great britain number 11


Item collection 0faef427 6c5c 462c 8c5d d9f08bb96d5c

Vintage Trade/Advertising Card- Victorian Era -The Great A&P Tea Co New York - Winter


Item collection 040ad326 04cd 46e7 90b4 df4b43498ed3

Vintage -Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company Trade/Adverting card- Scene of a River with a fence and field beyond ...


Item collection a6ebd512 f622 4350 91e9 fc85266a523d

Vintage -Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Company Trade/Adverting card- Scene of water and a boy on a boat


Item collection 72d29cb8 acc1 4a0b 90cb add45865365f

Vintage -Spool Cotton Victorian Advertising Trade Card- 1890s O.N.T. Spool Cotton Victorian Advertising Trade Card - Clark Thread Company -


Item collection 93f37109 abdf 4965 b176 7522d2699c80

Two Vintage -Spool Cotton Victorian Advertising Trade Card- Mount Washington -The White Mountains of New Hampshire and Delaware Water Gap


Item collection cc4847e9 83ae 49fa ac42 dc4540729ff5

Vintage - Antique Castell Brothers Christmas card No 54- The Lord of Christmas bless thee


Item collection 45cc02dc f2aa 441d 9528 20c21015101d

Vintage - Antique Trade/Advertising Card- Hood's Sarsaparilla 1898 Calendar Top Baby Girl In A Micro Mosaic Frame


Item collection 61493c9f 2890 42e8 9867 1bea34bca76b

Vintage Trade/Advertising Card-The Great A & P Tea Company Victorian Trade Card, 1880's-90's- Spring


Item collection fcc1ece2 ee2c 4f99 bd78 ad701087bb2a

Vintage Trade Card- HILL BROTHERS, New York, "The Climax" Fashionable Millinery Trade Card 1886


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