Item collection 3851b8a5 5bdb 4ed8 88b0 fd0b3f5a7484

Sketches and Scraps with Pictures by Henry Richards- Vintage 1967 book- Blue cloth covered boards with paste-down picture of three Children


Item collection fc99faee cd99 4d07 8ede 23536d1fca2a

Children of Many Lands their Traditions, Customs and Way of Life By Dana Bruce and Elizabeth F McCrady- Vintage 1960 book


Item collection 8174ebda 8136 4136 bc2b ca2df70c5cb1

The Indoor Noisy Book by Margaret Wise Brown Pictures by Leonard Wisegard c. 1942 Harper & Row


Item collection cb615fb4 1b60 48e6 8622 d01c8da3e3e6

Little Chicken by Margaret Wise Brown and Leonard Weisgard - A 1971 Vintage Children's Picture Book


Item collection a7180003 42ad 4b07 bccf 6ea2fa70c124

Vintage Children's Book - LITTLE TOOT - Children's Book By Hardie Gramatky 1939 Weekly reader Club


Item collection bc320765 2d3d 4524 9e20 f706ca18b918

Barbapapa- Vintage Children's Book- published 1970


Item collection 37ecb2ae ad61 44e3 a409 9dc7224890a4

Kachina Coloring Book drawings Connie Asch- Great Adult coloring book


Item collection c22ae593 d778 41a5 a156 b59d242cc5ba

Rooster's Off to See the World - by Eric Carle- (1989, paperback)


Item collection 3462c4c2 5d41 491e a16a c597f96cdfc0

Alpha Team Mission Deep Sea Lego Set Number 4799- in unopened Box


Item collection 14fdfff1 416b 4679 ac43 bce5c42f23ec

3 Sets of LEGOS- Life On Mars - Rover 7301 - Double Hover 7300 and Worker Robot 7302 - ALL FACTORY SEALED - Brand NEW


Item collection 6e1ae3f5 33af 40ae a416 7369a55344bf

Lego 1462 Galactic Scout Blacktron II Space Craft 1992- unopened in original package


Item collection 1d138a3d cc69 4f81 aea5 25c34522f094

LEGO 1464 PIRATES LOOK OUT Classic set from 1992 COMPLETE - unopened in package


Item collection ee0fe924 91e9 4d87 ac04 4d8aa426fcaf

Vintage RETIRED LEGO Castle Series Fright Knights Witch's Windship 6037 Dragon- Unopened Box


Item collection 99e0c59d 7612 45b9 88a8 201cdfbed78f

Complete Original Vintage 1960 Mattel Lie Detector Scientific Crime Game


Item collection e6c93b05 453a 4285 b3d8 bc878facdb63

Vintage Game of the States Board Game 1987 Milton Bradley trivia -Who Sells the Most from Coast to Coast? Buy & Sell products to Earn Money


Item collection 2a73d11e 4278 4b64 925b 03637a0d0007

A Vintage Film By Castle Films - A Division of United World Films Inc, Abbott and Costello 8mm Castle Film "Oysters and Muscles" # 809


Item collection aa93bdb8 f6a2 4ba5 bee8 fdf8e9b1fa64

Vintage 1951 Handy Guide to New York City by Nester House Publications and General Motors 6-section Futurama brochure


Item collection 89ca0e6f 2f65 4a22 8a7c 6f732933de59

Gus loved his happy home by Jane Thayer-illustrated by Seymour Fleishman


Item collection 9ecf2e29 8a59 4c42 9e9b e26fe2b07429

Shirley Temple's Favorite Tales of Long Ago - Copyright 1958 - 1st printing hardcover Book


Item collection 5923b4ef a32e 4432 898a fe36929ce3c1

Vintage 1975 Classic Children's Book- GOODNIGHT MOON


Item collection 79dd4ec8 9c6c 4229 9aea 09e2ff69ca06

Hard to Find- Vintage 1954 Elf Children's Book- Johnny THE FIREMAN- A Rand McNally Elf Book


Item collection 49e85d8f d5cc 40ad 8075 d94f96b48e1f

Charlie Brown's Third Super Book of Questions and Answers - Based 1st Edition 1st Printing New York Random House 1978 Hardcover


Item collection d58bacb7 1498 4070 a292 1d4c78bc6fea

Vintage 1961 Elf Children's Book -The PUPPY Twins - pub. by Rand McNally & Company


Item collection a01bb2fa dfd0 4250 9844 c79a40d1a833

Vintage Children's TIP TOP ELF Book - McNally Elf book - Our Animal Friends


Item collection 097f72ea 7e45 4c3e 9792 b5d355d793c6

Vintage 1957 Book- Curious George gets a medal by H A Rey


Item collection 9e5d3fc1 8b67 4834 a428 dab3079abf26

A Vintage 1965 Book- The Country Kitchen 1850- By Americana Review


Item collection aa87f515 04f1 4068 84bc 24d6c9492261

A Vintage Golden Sturdy Shape Book- My Goodnight Book by Eloise Wilkin


Item collection 591d0b1e 1cc9 4a80 946e 198d2faadeb4

Vintage Children's TIP TOP ELF Book - Teddy The Terrier A Rand McNally Elf Book 1956 A Real Live Animal Book


Item collection 9a9bae9d 6de6 4abf b0cd dc762c45e436

Vintage Children's TIP TOP ELF Book - McNally Elf book FOUR LITTLE PUPPIES photos of real puppies


Item collection a77fc4a8 513b 45f5 9ed1 7c391963b69c

Vintage 1951 Children's TIP TOP ELF Book A FARM FOR ANDY


Item collection 962c1d9a b5f0 435f bd98 c18f4df69ab3

Hard to Find- Vintage 1953 Elf Children's Book - Lucinda The Little Donkey - A Rand McNally Elf Book


Item collection 862a2ece 083a 4c00 bb3e b14aa8b38b89

Vintage 1951 Elf Children's Book - Mr Punnymoon's Train by illus. by Katherine L Phillips, pub. by Rand McNally & Company


Item collection 19963ef0 73c1 433c 8c2a 4fddf971b1dc

Vintage Elf Children's Book - Peppy The Lonely Little Puppy - by Frieda Friedman, Rand McNally Book-Elf Book 1947


Item collection c2593f0d 0cff 4e8e 8094 8aee3cf83b44

Vintage Advertising Trade Picture- A Young Boy and Girl drawing a man with chalk


Item collection 550f20d8 5304 4255 aadc d716408c3f3d

Vintage Advertising Trade Picture- Sweet Home Soap- Picture of a Old Fashioned Man


Item collection 33e7b387 710e 4220 ae4b 9b3fbc462ed2

Vintage Christmas Card - Christmas Greetings - Antique Christmas Ephemera- Embossed Card


Item collection 8b0103bc 98eb 4f46 8748 b67cae5a52e6

Vintage Christmas Card - Wishing You A Merry Christmas - Antique Christmas Ephemera


Item collection 482e3e08 f0f4 4b76 bcf2 2f920e09d764

Vintage Christmas Advertising Card - May the New Year bring you happiness! Hildeshiver & Faulknre- At Epping Essex


Item collection 84a27356 31e1 4531 bea3 1d8e8e5109f7

Vintage Christmas Card - A Merry Christmas to You- Beautiful bouquet of Flowers


Item collection 19803392 2387 4aba 9698 8bab732ec43e

Vintage Christmas Advertising Trade Card - No 1175 Copyright 1885 -Bright Morning Open Wide Thy Golden Gates, And Usher in This Happy


Item collection 30026952 2af4 49c1 85b4 ed7df1e03bae

Vintage Christmas Advertising Trade Card - Wishing you A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year- Frederick Stearns & Co Detroit Michigan


Item collection 7d77f376 90d1 46dc af0b 15b84313d9d7

Vintage Advertising Trade Card -Boots and Shoe- Vintage Child in an egg with a horn and a doll


Item collection d88312ce 1903 45c1 9928 898d0532f158

Vintage Advertising Trade Card -The Great American Tea Company-Ephemera Card- Picture of an angel overlooking a baby- Breath-taking!


Item collection fbddc189 4676 4b57 bf5c 3297ac43099c

RARE-Vintage Advertising Trade Card -Andes Stoves- Stove Advertisement card- Picture of a vintage women- Blue tone


Item collection 0dc837b5 39b7 41aa 8152 9b0667d4895a

RARE-Vintage Advertising Trade Card -Andes Stoves- Wood burning stove Advertisement card-


Item collection 4eb4d190 0324 4485 bd01 4ccbc6adb90c

RARE-Vintage Advertising Trade Card - Die Cut- VINTAGE 1886 Acorn Stove Range- Picture of a Pug with a young girl


Item collection 72174138 fef4 41af b96f 8a554cc3f6a9

RARE-Vintage Advertising Trade Card -Vintage Advertising Trade Card- United States Mutual Accident Association no 59


Item collection d1a49dcf e85f 407f 97e6 55d0e0e07bdb

Vintage Advertising Trade Card - Fairchild & Shelton- Washing made easy by using OZONE SOAP- EMBOSSED Ephemera Card


Item collection 55d10dac baf6 499c aaa7 ad0662a48459

REDUCED- Vintage Advertising Trade Card - Collins & Daehler- The Spot Cash One Price Clothiers- Cortland New York- Ephemera Card


Item collection 840897c9 b4d5 4e8e 8400 d0fdf86ccef6

Vintage Advertising Trade Card - Union Tea Company -New Britain Connecticut- Embossed


Item collection 0a003709 82e8 4a73 8791 489685795ce3

Vintage Advertising Trade Card -Royal Empire- Fire Place Open Grates - Brooklyn New York- Ephemera Card


Item collection 23f6baed 8d02 4ac4 a4df 98d1199e5982

Vintage Advertising Trade Card -J W Meacham- Dealer in Diamonds, Watches, Clocks and Jewelry- Holyoke, Massachusetts


Item collection 15248656 5e85 489e a183 073f0d7c4210

REDUCED- Vintage Advertising Trade Card - Acme, Master and Marseilles White Soap Card- Ephemera Card


Item collection a81534fa cbe7 4a04 9045 af7f221b9f8b

Vintage Advertising Trade Card -Compliments of Geo H Couch- Fine Shoes-Antique Ephemera- Bridgeport Connecticut


Item collection add1e3f1 beb8 4484 8c55 0d8a541a099b

Vintage Advertising Trade Card -Ivory Polish for the Teeth- Ephemera card-picture of an angelic young girl


Item collection 8dd640a9 9ba7 4696 a92c 2f8ed444b9a9

REDUCED- Vintage Advertising Trade Card - Vintage Advertising Trade Card - J H Bufford's Sons Lithographic Publisher # 554 - Ephemera card


Item collection ef08545b 2ea6 4643 8b8f 9809be6f7d25

REDUCED- Vintage Advertising Trade Card -H J Nagle Ornamental Confectioner and General Caterer Chicago Illinois- Ephemera card


Item collection 22630e2e 1a30 49f1 b791 37a2aaf4dc57

Vintage Advertising Trade Card -Kenton Baking Powder Cincinnati Ohio- Ephemera card


Item collection 3b970cfc 2b54 4e9f bccf 08fc56052346

Vintage Advertising Trade Card - Chicago IL - E W Gillett Magic Yeast - Roses in an umbrella- Embossed


Item collection 46bfd9d3 4bbe 435a 8d1f 1131a986bb0c

Vintage Trade Advertising Card- Magic Yeast- E W Gillett Manufacturer Chicago Illinois


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